Winter Holiday Give Away – A Video Course of Your Choice

This year was a record for me in the amount of programming tutorials I read and published and I feel so grateful that I have this opportunity to learn and share.

I feel like I want to give back to the world more and since it is a Christmas and a New Year time and I am a big believer in education I would like to give 10 of my subscribers a video course of their choice as a New Year gift. Ten of you randomly selected will have an opportunity to win a video course of their choice on and will get this video course from me as a New Year gift and a big THANK YOU for being my subscriber.

How to Win your gift?

  1. You must be a subscriber to my blog. Either or
  2. Share on social medial any of my blog posts you feel is worthy of sharing with others and for me to be able to track it, do mention my account name. Below are my social network accounts:
    1. Twitter: @kargopolov
    2. Google plus: +sergeykargopolov
    3. Facebook: @fullstackmobileappdevelopers
  3. Email me or private message me on any of these social networks and let me know the link to a video course you would like to take on It can be any course from any category you like. You might choose one from Software Development or one from Personal Development category it is all good :).

And that’s it. I will track all the “mentions” and will run a piece of code on my computer that will randomly select 10 of you. I will then reply to your message and verify with you the email address you would like me to send you an access to your selected video course.

Winners will be contacted on December 31, 2017!

A single thought that I was able to help someone with their education inspires me to do more in 2018!

I am waiting to hear from you! 🙂