Xcode Tips and Tricks to Work with Images

I want to share with you a collection of more than 80 Xcode productivity tips that I recently discovered. Last night I went through 20 of them watching non stop, because I wanted to learn more and more.

With this blog post I would like to share with you 3 very useful and easy to use Xcode Tips and Tricks to work with images and properties and I sincerely, encourage you to check the rest of the videos available here. Xcode has a very clean and simple user interface, but at the same time it is rich with useful features which, if you know how to use, make you much more productive and make you shine in the eyes of fellow developers.

The 3 videos below are taken from a video course by Dee Aliyu Odumosu, which has more than 80 different tips and tricks and is truly a goldmine of Xcode productivity tips. It takes years of work to discover such tricks and learn to use Xcode on that level. The use of these simple tips in your work will make you one of those top developers that impress so much when you look at how they use Xcode to build user interface, but faster and in a different way which you never knew about.

Use image in your Swift code without creating a UIImage 

Adding Image to your view without adding an UIImageView first

Lock control properties to prevent UI changes


I hope this short blog post and a few Xcode tips was helpful for you. There are more than 80 of them here and I feel so happy I can learn them all. Again, I sincerely, encourage you to check them out. You are going to love it! Do it!

Check out these more than 80 Xcode Tips and Ticks to improve your developer productivity.

Happy learning!