• fidel

    is there any way to do this to a pdf url and have a UISearchbar able to pass searches to the pdf url and then the pdf will zoom in to the search and highlight it as well?

    • I do not think you can redirect it to a PDF file… Most probably you will need to redirect to a script that will generate PDF file with searched word highlighted before the file gets generated… something like this.

  • Glenroy Matthews

    What if I have several local html files that I want to load dynamically, like when a tableview row is clicked, how do I do that?

    • Here is how you can do it: let url = NSBundle.mainBundle().URLForResource(“localHTMLFileName”, withExtension:”html”)
      let request = NSURLRequest(URL: url!)

      • Glenroy Matthews

        Hi Thanks for your speedy response, i really appreciate it. i tried what you suggested but it will only load one html file, which is the “localHTMLFileName file. I am looking to use a tableview that will load let say file1.html when a table row is clicked, and load file2.html when another tableview row is clicked.

        • So your question is how to pass the selected row’s value into the next ViewController which is going to be a WebView?

          • Glenroy Matthews

            Yes, that is basically what I am asking.

  • Is the whole project available to download somewhere?

  • Is the whole project available to download somewhere?

  • timbojill

    I really need some help. I am a real newbie. I have a simple project on the app store. I need to add two buttons to the home screen that will load two predetermined websites. Kindly email me at timbojill@gmail.com if you can help or seen an example that those this. Nothing fancy. Just a button on one screen that when you click on it it loads a website. No input from the use required. Creating/modifying an app I already created. The way it is now each button on start screen takes then to an UI View via segues. I want to change it so it takes them to a webpage so I can just update the webpage so I don’t need to modify the project every time information changes.

  • iAhmadSA ツ

    Hi Sir, i have error can you help me please