• abdullaziz aman

    how to load image from local file

    • Thank you very much for your question. I think we just talked a little on Google+ :)… anyways, I do not have video tutorial on this at this moment but to load an image which is part of your mobile app, you will first need to make it a part of your app bundle by dragging and dropping an image(s) to your project and then in your code you could use something like this:

      var image : UIImage = UIImage(named:”ImageName”)
      Please look into How to use UIImage(named:) and you should find good examples.
      I hope this helps AbdullAziz.


      • abdullaziz aman

        thank you i do that

  • Alex Riios Cardoza

    Hi sergey,great tutorial but how could i make it work on swift 2?

    • Alex, I do not have this particular one converted into Swift 2 yet.

  • Riaz

    Hi Sergey,
    I have followed your tutorial and tried like a slider but the image is very tiny…

    Even though the ImageView size is 300X350. How to fix it?

    If I have like 10 images Array and some of them are tiny.. But if the Array has only 2 or 3 content in it, it doesn’t work well. Rather it is showing a very tiny image during Runtime.

    let avatarImage = [
    UIImage(named: “Avatar01”),
    UIImage(named: “Avatar02”)

    • Riaz

      Any help please? I’m still stuck at this one.

      • What is the cell size? Do you have any constrains set for it?

        • Riaz

          I have constraints for the Imageview inside the cell and also has Aspect Fit for the image. The Cell Size is attached below.

          • Do you have your project on Github or Bitbucket?

          • Riaz

            Hi… I have uploaded the files (BitBucket) and sent you a link to your contact. Btw I changed a bit in the Cell Size compared to the last the screenshot I sent above. Can you please check and lemme know. Thanks

  • mahbodtaba

    Hi Sergey in video number 2 could you please tell me what is (uuid)? do I have to use this?
    in pageURL line you write —>swiftdeveloperblog.com/list-of-images
    list-of-images is php file?? I mean do I create list-of-images.php and put this file in my wordpress file??
    could please help me about pageURL line??? it’s very important