• Do you know if its possible to create an app that only certain Google Apps for Work users can login ? So you can create a business internal app?

  • I guess you can check user details when they log in and if logged in user is in the list of authorized users in your database you let them use your app, other wise display friendly “sorry” message and log user out.

  • Noam Maoz

    Great article, I have followed your instruction for Google Signin for iOS and it works fine. how can I get the user YouTube channel ID from the the user profile & token?

  • Martin

    Sergey! Another great tutorial! You don’t happen to know how to grab the GIDGoogleUser profile image?


  • Manzoorul Hassan

    Great tutorial. Thanx for sharing. I am trying to implement multi logins (i.e., FB, Google, tweeter etc) and am wondering if you have a tutorial for that.

  • Manju Prashanth

    Hi ,
    Is there a way to allow the users of particular domain to sign in ?
    What i need is if i have 2 gmail accounts say abc@google.com and abc@xyz.com and I want the users to login to my app only through mail id’s with xyz domain, so when I click on sign In button I need mail ids with xyz domain only.