• Alex

    Excellent!! hey sergey could you do a tutorial how to use google maps api on swift, and show your current ubicacion and stored to mysql?

    • Thank you Alex. Yes, I am about to start working on Location and GeoFencing tutorials. I will touch a lot on Maps.

  • NealCaffrey

    Awesome tutorial!! it was really helpful!!! I’m struggling to understand how to play multiple songs. Could please help me? I read I have to use AVQueuePlayer but I have no idea how to!

    • Thank you for your comment. I have never users AVQueuePlayer and when needed to play multiple songs in a row I will wait for AVPlayerItemDidPlayToEndTimeNotification and then start playing the next song in my array list of songs.

      • NealCaffrey

        Hi! Thank you for the reply! How do you make an array list of songs?

        • Well. it should be an NSArray of NSDictionary(s). Each Dictionary holds music item details like URL to music file, title, image and etc.. Then you use these details to create a AVPlayerItem and play it. When AVPlayerItemDidPlayToEndTimeNotification is called, you get the next item from an array, create AVPlayerItem and play new item.

          • Bhushan Gawande

            yes it is….it work fine when app is in foreground but not in background mode..player get pause when it has to play next song.

      • Bhushan Gawande

        but I have an issue in same, when app is in foreground it work fine but when it’s in background it get pause when next song has to play. it load the next song to avplayer but not play it…..we have play it manually from music control to play it again …………

        I debug it lot then I get one issue i.e. it may be buffer the player & get pause??

        please help me out..if you know

  • blwinters

    Just want to mention that AppTransportSecurity requirements for iOS 9 prevented audio streaming in my case. See this SO answer for the details to fix it. http://stackoverflow.com/a/31753651/4139760

  • Miku Loder

    Hi, I’m looking for help with recording audio file and sharing it on facebook. Any advice? Cheers

  • Sergio Aguiar

    I wish to ask a question about using AvFoundation, but for playing videos, in special case video streams, in m3u8 format. Do you know if it’s possible to play those videos with the selection of audio channels (languages) and subtitles channels? If so, how this could be done?

    Thank you very much for any clue about the matter.

  • Lyheang IBell

    How to get Duration from AVPlayer in float ? => self.TimeSlider.maximumValue = duration

  • Lyheang IBell

    Hello How to using UI Slider Control Audio Please ?

  • Lyheang IBell

    I am waiting your reply to me from youtube also, thank a lots