• This worked for me! Thanks a lot.

  • Jason Brady

    Hello Sergey. I wanted to start out by saying that your swift tutorials have been fantastic! But I have a question about doing something similar to how you have the “Next” button that switches view controllers. I have a view controller that looks very similar to what you did in this video “Creating custom user interface with XIB and loading it as Subview. Swift + Xcode 6” where I have subviews added as views. These views all have buttons as well. Is it possible to have those buttons, when clicked, go to the new view controller but keep the back navigator bar button. If I try to ctl + drag it to make a segue it seems like technically it would be the view that would get the segue not the button.

  • Gonzalo Calasich

    Thank you very much!! This really help me and it was well explained.