Create Your Own Parse Cloud Server?

Hi guys!

A quick question. Will you be interested to learn how to start up your ownmini server in the cloud and host Parse Server on it?

If yes, please comment below. I am thinking if there is enough interest from you, I might invest time to record a video course on how to do that.

So, before I start working on it I really need your response 🙂 . Will you be interested to have a video course that teaches you how to:

– Run your own mini cloud server(linux) on Amazon Cloud
– Install Parse Server on your own linux server in the cloud
– Migrate your existing data stored in Parse Cloud to your own cloud server
– Point your Swift app to use and store data on your own Parse CloudServer.

Please comment below.

I am waiting for your responses.

Thank you!


  • Punur

    Yes. It is very useful for everyone

  • Siddharth Kothari

    sure why not and you can continue the series with transition to firebase.
    that will surely help a lot of people.

  • disqus

    Sergey, that Sounds very interesting. 🙂 My personal preference is more Cloudkit or firebase oriented. Running the Parse Server on our owen will produce a lot of maintenance question an so on. Will you continue to finish your firebase example? Kind regards and many thx for your tutorials.

  • Miku Loder

    Very intersting. Looking forward to it. What about Google Maps integration course? Thanks

  • Alessandro Teixeira Lima

    Yes I think it is a valid and useful initiative for the whole community.

  • Dasoga

    I would like to see a video “How to migrate, and run my app in my own linux server”…thanks a lot!

  • Chanston D.

    I think a Firebase transition tutorial would be better. Thanks.

  • yoshiboarder

    I’m really want see your new lecture “Parse Server with AWS”

  • iKhalil

    Yes please! I’d love to learn that ☺️

  • Gian Paolo Marra

    Very intersting. Looking forward to it, too!

  • @gianpaolomarra:disqus, @iKhalil:disqus @yoshiboarder:disqus, @dasoga:disqus , @alessandroteixeiralima:disqus, @mikuloder:disqus, @pun555:disqus if you are interested in this video course and can support me with this, please support my kickstarter page for this video course by clicking on a Green button here It is only 7 days remaining and I am still looking for supporters.. This video course is on “Host Your Own Parse Server On AWS” but I need to find enough supported to begin working on it.

  • Wynne Barnes

    Yes, very interested!

    • @W@wynnebarnes:disqus thank you for your interest. I need two more people to join the course. If you are interested please, find a few seconds only to watch this video and learn a bit about the course and how to sign up for it.

  • Cesar

    Yes,will be sensational! you will record this course?

    • Yes, Cesar. I will be the one working on it and I am actually already starting.