NSUserDefaults example in Swift

This code example demonstrates how to write and read from NSUserDefaults in Swift. The code example below will cover how to:

  • Create a global instance of NSUserDefaults
  • Write and read the following data types from NSUserDefaults:
    • Integer
    • Boolean
    • Double
    • Objects like String, Date and Array of elements


       // Create a global instance of NSUserDefaults class
        let defaults = UserDefaults.standard
        // Storing Values of different times
        defaults.set(15, forKey: "weight")
        defaults.set(true, forKey: "isActive")
        defaults.set(25.8, forKey: "distance")
        defaults.set("Sergey", forKey: "firstName")
        defaults.set(NSDate(), forKey: "currentDate")
        let friendsNames = ["Bill", "John"]
        defaults.set(friendsNames, forKey: "friendsNames")
        // Reading from NSUserDefaults.
        let weightValue = defaults.integer(forKey: "weight")
        print("weight value = \(weightValue)")
        let isUserActive = defaults.bool(forKey: "isActive")
        print("isUserActive value = \(isUserActive)")
        let distanceValue = defaults.double(forKey: "distance")
        print("distance value = \(distanceValue)")
        let firstNameValue = defaults.object(forKey: "firstName") as! String
        print("First Name value = \(firstNameValue)")
        let currentDateValue = defaults.object(forKey: "currentDate") as! NSDate
        print("Current date value = \(currentDateValue)")
        let friendsNamesArray = defaults.object(forKey: "friendsNames") as? [String] ?? [String]()
        print("Friends names Array count \(friendsNamesArray.count)")
        print("First element in array \(friendsNamesArray[0])")

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