Comparable. Compare Custom Objects in Swift.

Often we create custom classes like Person or Address and then need to compare if the two instances of this class or Objects are equal. With this Swift code example I would like to share with you how to compare two objects of a custom class you create by making a custom class conform to a Comparable protocol.

  • Create a custom Swift class with a name “Friend”
  • Make Friend class conform to a Comparable protocol
  • Create two instances of a Friend class and compare them

Here is a short Swift code example which demonstrates how to implement a custom class in Swift and make it conform to a Comparable protocol.

Make Custom Class Conform to a Comparable Protocol Example in Swift

 import Foundation

class Friend : Comparable {
    let name : String
    let age : Int
    init(name : String, age: Int) { = name
        self.age = age

func < (lhs: Friend, rhs: Friend) -> Bool {
    return lhs.age < rhs.age } func > (lhs: Friend, rhs: Friend) -> Bool {
    return lhs.age > rhs.age

func == (lhs: Friend, rhs: Friend) -> Bool {
    var returnValue = false
    if ( == && (lhs.age == rhs.age)
        returnValue = true
    return returnValue

Compare Two Custom Objects that Implement Comparable Protocol


        let friend1 = Friend(name: "Sergey", age: 35)
        let friend2 = Friend(name: "Sergey", age: 30)
        print("\Compare Friend object. Same person? (friend1 == friend2)")  // false

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