• Vince

    Hi, I am researching about adding a UISegmentedControl inside UITableViewHeaderFooterView. I am hoping your tutorial will be the final puzzle. Currently, I have been able to add a UILabel without using a Subview. The problem is I just can’t add a UISegmentedControl. So I am thinking I need to create a custom Subview and include a UISegmentedControl in it, and then add the Subview into the UITableViewHeaderFooterView. 🙂 I hope that will work.

  • Vince

    I am stuck on the MyCustomView.swift file error–pls see attached screenshot. And if I change it to “as!”, the error disappears but then I get two same errors on the two super.init() lines. This is the error: “Property ‘self.view’ not initialised at super.init call. Any tips?

    • Hmmm…

      let view = nib.instantiateWithOwner(self, options: nil)[0] as! UIView
      return view

      Works well for me…

  • Alex

    I have a EXC_BAD_ACCESS when: let nib = UINib(nibName: “CustomView”, bundle: bundle) called