Sergey KargopolovHi!

My name is Sergey Kargopolov and like many of you I am just learning Swift programming language and because one of the best ways to learn is to practice right away and then to try actually teach somebody, I started this blog.

In this blog I am going to write on different iOS App Development topics and if you like to be my guest writer, you are most welcome to.

Hopefully, some of these blog posts and videos will be helpful to you!

Also, I will be very happy if you subscribe to my Youtube channel, so we can stay in touch and learn from each other.

Happy learning to us! 🙂

  • Widmarc Thomas

    Thanks, your video are very informative, I just started learning swift as well, and found your video very helpful to start my project.

    • You are most welcome :). Thank you for your comment! I have never recorded videos before and blogging is also challenging for me as English is not my first language. But I will try to improve with each and every video and blog post. Let’s stay connected and help each other learn :)!

  • Widmarc Thomas

    Hey! you did a great job, I was able to follow through it, and created the app. now I will work on the database which is in the 3rd video. I post this question on Youtube, in regards to the database connection.
    Can the protected page connect to database as well for the the information you are trying to protect, or what is the best way to get that done?.

  • Satya Brata

    Hey dude great job man i appreciate it, thank you.

  • Josue Sanchez

    Hi, I’ve been following your videos and have served me well, I wonder if I can not help with a video of how to make a chat with some server as (Firechat) or any other. If you can guide me how you work on a project like that. Thank you.

  • Lyndon Cruz

    Hi, great job 🙂 I learn a lot from your tutorial. I just started learning swift as well, and found your video very helpful to start my project.Looking forward to fetch image web from web server and display it to UIview tutorial.

  • mohan

    Hi Really awesome.I learn lot this tutorial.i’m expecting more .Keep it

  • Ton Driessen

    I realy like these Great videos that helped me understand Swift so i can make my apps more usefull.

  • Ton Driessen

    Hi, i did find an example that i can use (the UISearchBarExample but i get some errors (with Swift 2.x and iOS 9) that i can’t fix. I did convert the code and update to recommended settings. can you help us.

  • Eu

    Hi, While doing my educational game using swift, i came to your videos from youtube and subscribed to it. It helps me a lot to know different ways to build, use and play with your examples. Thank you.

  • Diego Pérez

    Hi Segey! and this so much for helping all of us!
    you have a lot of tutorials using parse. Given that the hosted Parse service has been discontinued, what backend would you recommend? Hosting Parse in AWS? Firebase? PHP+MySQL? is the election based on the kind of app you are building? what would be the analysis? This so much!

    • Hi Diego! Thank you for your message. Most of the time I use MySQL hosted on my own EC2 instance in Amazon cloud. I have recorded entire video course on how to build app features like sign in, sing up, push notifications with Swift, PHP, MySQL and how to host it in Amazon Cloud. I am also looking for people who are interested in video course that will teach how to host Parse Server on your own server in Amazon cloud. Will you be interested? Have a look at this link: https://youtu.be/flgtkzzpAzo

  • Janis Alksnis

    Dobrij denj, Sergej!
    Spasibo za Vashe delo cto pomogajte bolshe ponjat Swift. Ja cital mnogo gramat i smotrl video i custvuju cto mne eto ne mnogo pomogajet ponjat Swift. Daze mozet ne sam Swift a kak Swift ispolzovat Xcode i Cocoa. Mogli bi Vi pozalusta podelitsa Vashem opitam kak luche viuchit Swift i Cocoa. Mozet bit Vi mozete posovetovat horosheji kniki kotorije ochen detalno obpisovajet Swift i Cocoa.
    Za raneje bolsoje Vam spasibo.

    • Janis, thank you for your message. Have a look at this link: http://goo.gl/4baum7
      User keywords like: “Swift” or “iOS” to find FREE and many very inexpensive professional video courses on iOS Development. I think you might find something you like.